Basic Documents

TCT activists will be able to find a list of downloadable documents here. This list will grow. A few of them will be password protected, and you can ask Neal, Patricia, or Alan about getting the passwords.

Non Password Protected Documents

Click here to go to the Host Agreement downloadable form. Click here to go […]

Host Agreement

This is our current downloadable version of our host agreement form. We will be revising it, and any suggestions are welcome. It is in the form of an Adobe PDF document. If you download it, and open it in the Adobe Acrobat reader or other PDF reader, you will be able to fill in the […]

TCT Flyer

This is a flyer that can be downloaded and printed. It is embedded here so you can see how it looks.

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Talk of Tent City Is Back

By Kathleen Merryman Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Reprinted from The Tacoma Weekly §

Tacomans Are Once Again Discussing a Tent City

Attribution: Tent City & Cycle Oregon 2012

We had this conversation a decade ago, when street activist Hank Montgomery confronted the needs of homeless people – and all the people who were trying […]

How To Download Minutes

This is the page where you can download printable PDF copies of our minutes. A PDF file is something nearly every computer can open. It is an Adobe Acrobat file, and it is suitable for printing. If you click on one of the links, the file will open up on another page, and you can […]

TCT Minutes for October 21, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Vince, Blaine, Lisa, Neal, Patricia


Discussion of possible TCT camp sites Discussion on TPCCEH Coalition meeting Report on New Web site Bank account

POSSIBLE CHURCH LOCATION: Patricia and Neal reported on the meeting with the trustees at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (BL). Although not a member of BL, Elder Ronnie Warren, whom we […]

TCT Minutes for Oct 7, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Neal, Patricia, Vince, Blaine


Telephone Business cards PO Box Credit union account Fund raising Tent host site search: Website. Planning for next meeting.

TELEPHONE: Neal used the money that TCT members donated at the last meeting to activate our cell phone with Virgin. There are 2 plans, a $40 unlimited plan and […]

TCT Minutes for Sept 23, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Neal, Lisa, Blaine, Patricia


Web Site Coalition report Telephone Business cards & letterhead Web site Bank account. Funds PO Box

Coalition Meeting: Patricia went to meeting of the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness. She gave a bit of feedback and what we in TCT are up to. She invited others […]

TCT Minutes for September 9, 2013

Tent City Tacoma Minutes for Meeting on September 9, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Patricia, John, Lisa, Emily.


Business cards & letterhead Coalition Thursday, and Colin will. Neal on phone Web Site Bank Account

Business Cards & Letterhead: Alan showed mockups of a letterhead and business cards. Members made suggestions on improving the […]

A Tent City in Tacoma, Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series. Click here to see Part 2 Editor

Have you ever pondered on the homeless and how they fit in the society we have now? The plain answer is that they do not fit in. Homeless people are forced to live on the fringes of […]