TCT Minutes for Oct 7, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Neal, Patricia, Vince, Blaine


  1. Telephone
  2. Business cards
  3. PO Box
  4. Credit union account
  5. Fund raising
  6. Tent host site search:
  7. Website.
  8. Planning for next meeting.

TELEPHONE: Neal used the money that TCT members donated at the last meeting to activate our cell phone with Virgin. There are 2 plans, a $40 unlimited plan and a $20 limited plan. Neal opted for the cheaper plan, which basically keeps the phone active.

BUSINESS CARDS/LETTERHEAD: Alan distributed his latest version of our business cards. The suggestion was made to remove the underscore from the telephone number. Alan printed last meeting’s minutes on our new letterhead. It was suggested that the telephone number be on the letterhead. Right now, our Facebook page is on both the letterhead and the business card, and it was suggested that as soon as we have a regular website, we should replace the FB URL with our website on the letterhead and business card. Alan will make a PDF of our business cards available, along with the letterhead graphic. The Avery 8876 or Avery 8371 or compatible card stock works with this.

PO BOX: Cheapest one is the one on A street. Vince says it is possible we could have a PO box at the church, and he will check into it. It will take a couple of weeks before this is possible, as the church manager responsible for that is currently out of town.

CREDIT UNION ACCOUNT: We will need to have 2 officers. Patricia recommended TAPCO credit union, and she will find out what the requirements are for TCT to have an account there as a club. Patricia will be one of the principals. Then, we will choose the other principal. Neal and Blaine will be a team but Blaine‚Äôs name will probably be listed as the holder of the account. Blaine says he’s good at maintaining physical records.

FUNDRAISING: Patricia explained a bit more about the crowd-funding site YouCaring to Vince. As soon as we have an account in a CU, she will set up the YouCaring account and campaign.

TENT HOSTING SITE: We have been looking for people with contacts in various churches, to introduce us, to get our foot in the door. We need a church to sponsor a site for a TCT to avoid a lot of regulatory barriers. People who have said they would help TCT with this have not yet followed through, and the weather is getting cold. However, we may get some help soon from some of these people, who may have been acting on our behalf, unknown to us. Nevertheless, Patricia said she thinks it’s time we we do some cold calling. Neal says he has some familiarity with Bethlehem Lutheran. He will approach them in a cold call.

WEBSITE INFORMATION: It was discussed that Patricia may not be the best person to get Mike to transfer ownership of the domain name to us. Vince said he would try to get Mike to switch the URL to Neal. Alan will help Neal and Patricia set up the site and act as a temporary co-administrator and systems administrator. As soon as they get up to speed on this, Alan will give up performing administrative duties actively, will remain author or contributor, and will be available for consulting on technical and editorial matters if the need arises.

Alan suggested we host our website on the BlueHost, which is the company that hosts Occupy Tacoma’s website. Alan will set up a BlueHost account and work on getting a website created. TCT would be able to host more than one domain on its account. Alan has already reserved the URL in case that Mike does not transfer the domain to us in the next week or so.

COALITION: Neal and Patricia will attend the next Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness meeting on Thursday morning and report back.

NEXT TCT MEETING: Will be on October 21, 2013. Alan will reserve the room. Vince will contact Bonnie, David, and Emily.