TCT Minutes for Sept 23, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Neal, Lisa, Blaine, Patricia


  1. Web Site
  2. Coalition report
  3. Telephone
  4. Business cards & letterhead
  5. Web site
  6. Bank account.
  7. Funds
  8. PO Box

Coalition Meeting: Patricia went to meeting of the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness. She gave a bit of feedback and what we in TCT are up to. She invited others to work with us. Ronnie Warren, a local clergyman, approached Patricia at end of meeting. He said he knew of several churches that could possibly be open to sponsoring us. He suggested Bethlehem Lutheran. There was discussion about this. The idea of being able to make a single combined request to set up an encampment, as opposed to having to approach a lot of agencies separately, went over well. A community psychologist, Al Ratcliffe, talked about TCT being a transition from hospital discharge into the community for folks with no place to go. He deals with people being discharged from hospitals who need a respite place to stay for a while until they get reintegrated into society, and he thought TCT might be able to help.

Telephone: Neal checked into getting us a Google phone number. The problem is that there are no local exchanges available, such as 253. Neal currently has 2 cell phones, one with Virgin. He said the Virgin one could be given to TCT. Costs would be about $40 a month. Patricia also has a Magic Jack that’s a few years old and needs reactivating if it is to be used. Neal will see what can be done with the Virgin phone and report back at the next meeting.

Business Cards and Letterhead: Alan showed the letterhead and business cards he designed. There was discussion and suggestions for improvement on the business cards. Alan will bring them in at our next meeting.

Web Site: We decided that Patricia and Neal will be admins website admins. Alan demonstrated how a website might look. He set up a mini-server on a thumbdrive and installed WordPress, doing some initial work. Alan will help set up the website and serve as a very temporary admin until Neal and Patricia are up to speed. We expect that should not take too long to accomplish. Alan reserved and registered a URL under the name in case we had difficulty with getting Mike to transfer to us. At the next meeting, Patricia will report on progress getting Mike to transfer the ownership of the domain.

Credit Union Account: We approved $22 to give to Neal so he can register a phone with Virginia phone company. Patricia will set up a You Caring campaign. She will hold card and check, and we can decide later on who else will be treasurers. We do not yet have a bank account.

Post Office Box: We discussed this briefly and will deal with it further at the next meeting.