Basic Documents

TCT activists will be able to find a list of downloadable documents here. This list will grow. A few of them will be password protected, and you can ask Neal, Patricia, or Alan about getting the passwords.

Non Password Protected Documents

  • Click here to go to the Host Agreement downloadable form.
  • Click here to go to the downloadable TCT Flyer

Password Protected Documents

  • Click here for the business card form. You will need a password for it. You can type in your name in the appropriate spot and print out the document on any business card form compatible with Avery 8876.

Host Agreement

This is our current downloadable version of our host agreement form. We will be revising it, and any suggestions are welcome. It is in the form of an Adobe PDF document. If you download it, and open it in the Adobe Acrobat reader or other PDF reader, you will be able to fill in the blanks on your computer.

Download (PDF, 240KB)