TCT Minutes for September 9, 2013

Tent City Tacoma Minutes for Meeting on September 9, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Patricia, John, Lisa, Emily.


  1. Business cards & letterhead
  2. Coalition Thursday, and Colin will.
  3. Neal on phone
  4. Web Site
  5. Bank Account

Business Cards & Letterhead: Alan showed mockups of a letterhead and business cards. Members made suggestions on improving the design and layout of the business card and letterhead. One suggestion was to change the word “address” in the letterhead to “mail stop” so no one would assume that TCT was located at Aubrey’s house. These minutes were printed on the revised letterhead.

Coalition Meeting: The next coalition meeting is Thursday morning (Sept 12, 2013). Blaine, Patricia, and Neal will attend. Goals for coalition meeting representing TCT—Report on progress toward revisions. Will try to set up where we interface with all committees at once. We can go to meetings of individual commissions when they have public meetings. Discussed further alliances.

Patricia & Others: Trying to figure out how to get TPCCEH (Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness) community coalition to work on our behalf, how do build better communication, connect with directors of various sub-organizations. Colin was going to raise issues to try to get more support for TCT. Most important thing for us is that TPCCEH sees TCT as definitely being a part of the coalition. Blaine and Patricia went to the last coalition meeting. Concerns are with the PD and dealing with those ineligible to stay at TCT.

Phone: Neal discussed the problems of setting up a Google phone number. He is checking into other possibilities. It would be good to have a phone at the tent city.

Web Site: We will ask Mike (TruthMerchant of Occupy Tacoma) to turn over the domain name to us, which he bought on our behalf some time ago. We offered to reimburse Mike for the costs. We would prefer it if he played no part in setting up the site or administering it. Neal and Patricia can administer the site. Alan and Patricia’s partner have both offered to help set it up. Alan does not plan on being a permanent TCT website admin after the site is up, but he is willing to help get it established and be a resource person.

Bank Account: We briefly discussed the necessity of having a credit union account. Alan knows how to set it up for a club, as he and Marilyn did this for Occupy Tacoma.