A Not So Mythical Fairy Tale

So this homeless woman was sleeping in a church doorway. It was about 3 AM in the morning, in the quietest, coldest pre-dawn imaginable somewhere near downtown Tacoma. A freezing damp wind kept poking icy blasts into the holes of her threadbare blanket as she lay sleeping on some scrappy pieces of damp and dirty cardboard to protect her from the cruel cement. Her cold feet, especially her big toes, ached and hurt. Her feet had not dried out in over two days. They had blisters from walking in ill-fitting, soggy shoes. She needed to pee really badly, to use the bathroom. But there was no safe private place to go for another 3 hours until the little store run by a nice immigrant fellow two blocks up the road opened. He sometimes gave her a small paper cup of really bad stale coffee, but at least it was hot. She was aware that she didn’t smell so good. Her clothes were filthy and she hadn’t had a shower in weeks.

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