TCT Minutes for Nov 11, 2015

Nov 18, 2015

MEETING COORDINATORS: Facilitator: Bud; Stacker: Neal; Note taker: Alan

ATTENDEES: Alan, Vince, Mathias, Bud, Neal, Evelyn

AGENDA APPROVAL AND MINUTES ADOPTION: The agenda was unanimously adopted without modification, and we agreed to follow it.


  1. Vince: Report on homeless meeting status at FUMC. No action there yet. Vince did a bit of phoning, but with no good results. Need to follow up with Baptist Church on north end.
  2. Report on Bethany Men’s Breakfast presentation: Bud gave the presentation on Saturday morning. The presentation went well and was well received.
  3. Report on By His Word meeting with John Cook: Bud met with John Cook and invited Mr. Cook to the next meeting. The By His Word Christian Center is located at 99th and Pacific Ave.
  4. Agenda items for next, big meeting at Mentor House the Nov 18: Need to brainstorm agenda items. Lynda made suggestions. As she was unable to attend this meeting, Bud discussed her ideas. Serious talk about this being a host.
  5. Report on homeless contacts: Lynda was not here, and so Neal gave the report. Neal and Lynda went out with Christian Bikers and made some contacts.
  6. Report on contact with Rick Maib: Lynda did some research. Found out property on unincorporated Pierce County. CM is a co-director for Mentor House.
  7. Possible Name Change: We further discussed a possible name change to reflect the fact that we’re open to ideas such as tiny houses, etc, in addition to tent cities. We’ve received some feedback that calling ourselves “tent city” may have negative connotations. Alan felt we should keep “Tent City Tacoma” as one of our identities. One idea of another name was “Tacoma-Pierce Coalition For Homeless Shelter Communities” Alan felt this was a little too long. We discussed the criteria we need for a name: It should be an accurate descriptive name that emphasizes homeless communities; emphasizes partnerships; includes Tacoma and Pierce Co.; inclusive of all forms of available shelter from tents to tiny houses, houses, and large buildings; minimizes producing antisocial visual images. Another idea was Homeless Shelter Partnership Tacoma.______
  8. Overcoming Barriers to Moving Ahead: Per Vince: Discuss barriers to moving ahead, methods, and priorities for overcoming them.
    1. Goals: Temporary homeless shelter.
    2. Blocks to achieving goals:
      1. Limited time and energy.
      2. Some money.
      3. Location
      4. Legal barriers.
      5. Powerful opponents.
      6. Community attitudes
        • Ignorance
        • Prejudice
        • Fear
    3. Strategy.
      1. Meeting of homeless
      2. Panel or debate,
      3. 501c3
        • Fundraising.
      4. Engage allies.


  1. COALITION MEETING: 8:30a tomorrow at the Community Healthcare Building, 1202 MLK Way, Tacoma. Bud will give the TCT report at the end of which he will formally present a letter asking for a change to the Tacoma-Pierce Co. Coalition To End Homelessness bylaws that specifically states a priority for getting all homeless, who wish, safely off of the streets ASAP. The letter includes reference to RCW 43.185C.160. Lynda will describe her recent experiences with unhoused people.
  2. BIG MEETING: This will be a big meeting with invited guests. Lynda arranged this meeting for the Mentor House, 3501 104th just off Waller road at Rick Maib’s request. Mentor House has a 35 acre farm-like property that they would very much like to use as a small shelter community host site.


    • Facilitator: Vince
    • Stacker: Neal
    • Note taker: Alan
    • Date: 11/18/2015
    • Time: 3:30 to 5 PM
    • FUMC: Mentor House, 3510 -104th, Tacoma

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent