TCT Minutes for Oct 14, 2015

Oct 14, 2015

MEETING COORDINATORS: Facilitator: Bud, Stacker: Neal, Note Taker, Alan.

Attending: Alan, Linda M, Vince, Bud, Pastor Felicia, Inez B Excused: Cheryl, Neal


  1. Shall we adopt the proposed agenda? Unanimously adopted
  2. Shall we approve the minutes of 10/07/2015 as posted on the TCT website? Unanimously approved.


  1. Linda M discussed how important it is for people who have been homeless to have time and space to heal. She said that something like a tent city provide such a healing space. A tent city can be a place where people can gather, be safe, and in a supportive environment. MDC (Metropolitan Development Council) has offered to let us use their 501c3. Alan mentioned we have several other offers and are in the process of setting up our own 501c3.
  2. Neal was to give a report on a letter to Patrick O’Callahan of the TNT (The News Tribune). However, owing to a family obligation, Neal was unable to attend. Therefore, this was tabled until the next meeting.
  3. Neal was to give a report on his work getting a 501(c)3 status. This report was tabled until the next meeting.
  4. We are invited to attend a SLTWD (Speaking Life to the World Developers) meeting on Oct 17. Bud will attend and will speak there and give the PowerPoint presentation.
  5. It was reported that Wade Westfall with Bates Community College can make truck available for collecting food-donations when we get a tent city up and running.
  6. Occupy Tacoma money status: Alan reported that Marilyn K has spoken with Mike C of the now inactive Occupy Tacoma (OT). Mike appears to be the only remaining member of OT, although technically Alan and Marilyn are the treasurers. Alan gets monthly notices from the bank about the balances OT has, and there have been no activity on this account for several years. Marilyn asked Mike if those balances can be transferred to TCT, and Mike has no problems with that. Alan will investigate the best way of handling this transfer and report back his plans. We will probably have to set up a similar account.
  7. Bud sent a letter sent to Kathleen Merryman of the Tacoma Weekly newspaper (per Lynda M). There has been no response to date. Alan suggested contacting Steve Dunkelberger.
  8. Bud report on the church contacts lists. We will need to contact the pastors on this list. Bud suggests each of us take responsibility to call some pastors and attempt to set up a meeting where some of our people can give the PowerPoint presentation.
  9. Status of letter to FUMC about meeting for homeless. Bud gave Vince the letter he wrote explaining the need at this meeting. Vince will approach the FUMC about this. The letter asks for us to be able to have a weekly meeting at church facilities for homeless people so that they can have a part in organizing Tent City Tacoma.
  10. Business cards: Bud created a sample business card that raises the question of getting homeless off the street now as a top priority. Vince has a template for these cards and can personalize them for all who want. He has a black-and-white laser and can print many flyers and leaflets.
  11. Public Hearing with homeless input at Human Services Commission today, Wednesday, October 14th at 6pm, at: Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market St., Room 148. Get there early to obtain access pass.
  12. Point-in-time report. Linda asked if the point-in-time report tells us how many people are turned away from the shelters every night. She suggests this would be a useful number for us to have.

UPCOMING EVENTS: The SLTWD (Speaking Life to the World Developers) meeting, Sat, Oct 17 from 10-11:30 am at 15413 1st Ave Ct S, Bldg H. Bud plans to go and will give a presentation. Other TCT core organizers are welcome to participate.


    • Facilitator: Vince
    • Stacker:
    • Note taker: Alan
    • Date: 10/21/2015
    • Time: 3:30 to 5 PM
    • FUMC: 621 Tacoma Ave S

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent