TCT Minutes for Oct 7, 2015

Oct 7, 2015

MEETING COORDINATORS: Facilitator: Neal, Stacker: Bud, Note Taker: Alan.

ATTENDING: Alan, Bud, Neal; Excused: Cheryl, Vince.


  1. Shall we approve the proposed agenda? Unanimously approved
  2. Shall we approve the minutes of Sept 30 as posted on the website? Unanimously approved


  1. Letter to TNT: Bud discussed his proposed letter to TNT. The TNT editor said that a letter to the editor must be 200 words or fewer. However, an editorial can have up to 500 words if it appears in the “Your Voice” section of the op-ed page. The editor said that the op-ed had to be written in the form of a personal essay, which is to say it needs to reflect the author’s personal experience with the subject. Alan said there were other types of submissions, and he showed an editorial that he had written for TNT. The TNT labeled Alan as a staff writer. This might have made a difference in some of the requirements. Bud may check into alternative pages to submit his item to. Neal will work on personalizing it as one who was homeless for a period of time.
  2. Outreach: Bud’s reported on our outreach efforts. Bud sent an email to Cheryl Borden asking if they wanted us to give a presentation at one of their meetings. So far we’ve received no response. The Speaking Life to World Developers seems open to having Bud speak. He will probably speak their next event. The format of that meeting has not been set, but the date is Oct 17, 2015, from 10 to 11:30 in South Tacoma, Near Spanaway.
  3. Neal’s report on 501c3: Neal finds himself at a stop point because he needs to scale back on efforts outside school. He says that we need to formulate a purpose and a severability statement to deal with property and assets in the event our organization disbands or becomes defunct. Neal encourages us to read the documentation that he sent out.
  4. Neal’s report on the preparations for PCPHC (Pierce County Project Homeless Connect). Neal is working on the hardware necessary to give a presentation. Bud can print around 500 copies of our promotional material on his printer. The PCPHC event is being hosted at the Armory.
  5. Occupy Tacoma Money: Alan will ask Vince and Marilyn again to speak to Mike Coburn of Occupy Tacoma (OT). OT has not been active for almost 2 years, and we believe Mike is the remaining member of OT. OT has funds in a bank account that Alan and Marilyn control. We would like Occupy Tacoma to transfer those funds to Tent City Tacoma, and that requires a technical quorum to decide to do that. Alan, Marilyn, and Mike make up this technical quorum. Vince is also a member, and he approves this transfer.


  1. Move getting at least 2 host sites commitments as soon as possible, making that our present highest priority and focus. Passed unanimously.
  2. Move that we go for articles of association instead of articles of corporation for purposes of getting a 501c3. Passed unanimously.


    • Facilitator: Bud
    • Stacker: Neal
    • Note taker: Alan
    • Date: 10/14/2015
    • Time: 3:30 to 5 PM
    • FUMC: 621 Tacoma Ave S

Adjournment: 4:32 PM

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent