TCT Minutes for Sept 16, 2015

Sept 16, 2015

Meeting Coordinators

  • Facilitator: Neal
  • Stacker: Vince H
  • Note Taker: Bud

People Present:

Neal, Bud, Vince

Agenda Approval and Minutes Adoption

  1. Shall we adopt the proposed agenda? Adopted.
  2. Shall we approve the minutes of (date) as posted on the TCT website? Approved.

Reports and Discussion

  1. We discussed and clarified Stacker/Time Keeper functions, agreeing that we can appropriately merge the two functions.
  2. We clarified passing information from one meeting’s notes to the next facilitator’s proposed agenda, agreeing on two principles: (1) To maintain continuity, the next meeting’s facilitator must have attended the prior meeting. (2) The note taker will pass the meeting’s notes to the next facilitator.
  3. Neal reported little done regarding Tent City Organizer (TCO) activities. He said he will look for gift cards and will send an email to Sam TCO activity bullet points.
  4. We discussed the status of the proposed weekly homeless meetings and flyer to hand out. Bud volunteered to pass a formal proposal to Vince for him to present to the church.
  5. Bud reported that he sent an email to Kierra Phifer requesting the feedback that she promised within two weeks but we have not received.
  6. Bud reported on Cheryl’s status. We discussed a possible new meeting time.
  7. Bud reported that he is now organized to make church contacts and described the help offered by Lynda Mittan.
  8. Neal reported little done on 501c3 activity. He said that he will email a knowledgeable friend about it.
  9. We discussed pros and cons of the recent forum. Neal did not feel happy with the negative views shown by some for organized tent cities. We agree that we need to make efforts to educate people on the nature of self-managed, organized tent cities vs. unorganized encampments.
  10. We discuss Project Homeless Connect (PHC, see flyer). We agreed that we need to create a TCT information packet with photos and a video to take for tabling at Project Homeless Connect.
  11. Banished and TCU available for anyone who wants to read them.
  12. Discussed needing to work out meet-up and transportation to the meeting Thursday in Puyallup.

Action Agreements

  • Bud: Proposal re: homeless meetings to Vince for the church (Next mtg)
  • Neal: More on 501c(3) (Next mtg)
  • Bud: PHC information packen proposal to Neal/Sam

Upcoming Events/Announcements

  1. Project Homeless Connect, Wed., Oct 28, 9a-2p, at Tacoma Armory.
  2. Meeting Thursday in Puyallup, 7p, 1919 W. Pioneer, United Methodist Church.


    • Facilitator: Vince
    • Stacker: Neal
    • Note taker: Alan
    • Date: 09/23/2015
    • Time: 3:30 to 5 PM
    • FUMC: 621 Tacoma Ave S

Other Discussion: We talked about tiny (6’x8’), cheap housing a step up from tents using 3/8” plywood wall and roof modules carriage bolted together. Neal told us about Coroplast, as little as $10/4’x8’x4mm sheet, even faster and lighter-weight. Any of this ideally constructed on-site for self-managed community-building (vs. industry-like, distant manufacturing).

Adjourned: 4:45p

Respectfully submitted: Bud Nye