TCT Minutes for Sept 23, 2015

Sept 23, 2015

Meeting Coordinators:

  • Facilitator Vince
  • Stacker Neal
  • Note Taker Alan

People Present:
Neal, Bud, Vince, Alan.

Agenda Approval and Minutes Adoption

  • Shall we adopt agenda? Agenda was unanimously adopted
  • Shall we adopt minutes of 9/16/2015 as posted on the TCT website? Minutes unanimously adopted

Reports and Discussion

  1. Cheryl’s status: Cheryl will be temporarily less involved owing to personal and professional obligations. She plans on becoming much more active again when she has dealt with some present obligations.
  2. We discussed having a camp-out night in a public and visible place as a demonstration. Several potential locations were discussed, including Wright Park and People’s Park. This would be a peaceful demonstration to bring the issue of homelessness to the press’s attention. We would like to have this grow into a national camp-out night. This could also serve as a fundraiser, similar to the one KING 5 does to raise donations for Northwest Food Bank. Bud will report back to Linda, who got the idea from her pastor.
  3. There will be a meeting in Puyallup to discuss the recent Justice Department resolution to pursue legal action against municipalities who try to make the status of being homeless a crime. Vince, Alan, and Neal will attend, and Vince will provide transportation to them.
  4. Bud will meet with someone from an as-yet unnamed church to discuss a site. There is a specific church Bud is approaching, but we don’t want to publicly identify this church until they are 100% on board.
  5. Neal got documentation about 501c3. Need to put together an Article of Association. We will skip the option of becoming a corporation and instead be an association. Neal has info on the filing requirements.
  6. Two proposals
    1. Written request to FUMC for assistance in meeting. Bud read this letter. Small changes were suggested and made. Bud will incorporate those changes and send it to Vince.
    2. Flyer for Project Homeless Connect. We want this ready by the 28th of October.
  7. Host Sites: Bud says getting host sites is our number 1 priority. Bud will send out a script, a log, list of churches. Need to make calls.
  8. So far, we have had no feedback from Kierra Phiffer, Senator Murray’s assistant. She had promised to get back to us.
  9. Neal talked about Project Homeless Connect on Oct 28. Same day as meeting. May delay meeting or perhaps even change day/time. Bud will send it out to mail list.

Next Meeting Plans

    • Facilitator: Vince
    • Stacker: Neal
    • Note taker: Alan
    • Date: 09/23/2015
    • Time: 3:30 to 5 PM
    • FUMC: 621 Tacoma Ave S

Meeting adjourned at 5 PM

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent