TCT Minutes for Sept 2, 2015

Sept 2, 2015

MEETING COORDINATORS: Facilitator: Bud N; Note Taker: Alan OS
ATTENDANCE: Bud, Alan, Vince, Neal, Sam


  • Setting & Approval of agenda. Question asked: Shall the proposed agenda be approved? It was unanimously approved.
  • Approval of minutes: Question asked: Shall last week’s minutes be approved? Minutes were unanimously approved


  1. Discussed TCT Meeting Facilitation and Interactions. Bud read and handed out a proposed protocol for conducting meetings in a respectful and safe manner. We discussed and approved this proposal, as discussed in the motions section of these minutes.

  1. Discussed leaflets for building meetings. Bud suggested that we likely need 2 types of meetings, one for the core developers and one that involves participation of people from the homeless and houseless populations. We discussed having the core developers meet from 3 to 4:30 PM for business, and then have a later 1-hour meeting from 4:30 to 5:30, involving the homeless and houseless. These meetings may overlap somewhat. Sam suggests that we attempt to have a TCO (tent city organizer) whose function would be to communicate with unsheltered and homeless on a regular basis about TCT. He suggests getting specific data on the number of people who die on the street. This would help us make the data graphic. Vince said that we need to have a site on which we can set up an organized tent city. Vince asks who the TCO is going to be and whether the role can be split between several persons. He says we have 2 tracks to follow: (1) to name at least one person who can function as a TCO, and (2) to find at least 1 site to house a tent city.
  2. Bethlehem withdrew its offer to be a site. Somehow, the Bethlehem candidacy became public knowledge prematurely, and neighbors put a lot of pressure on Bethlehem before it had even made a firm commitment. Bethlehem sent us a letter asking that we move tents we stored at the church and that we take Bethlehem off the list of possible sites. Vince composed a letter of apology for us to consider. We discussed this letter, and Vince will modify it slightly in accordance with the discussion. We discussed how to deliver the letter, and Sam suggested delivering it in person instead of mailing it. Vince thought this was a good idea and will present our apologies for allowing this possible candidacy to become public before Bethlehem had had an opportunity to make a firm commitment.
  3. UW Tacoma will have a forum on homelessness on Wednesday, Sept 9. It is unlikely that we will be allowed to give our presentation. However, Neal has 6 tickets. It is scheduled for after our meeting.
  4. Report on Fundraising: Alan will set up an Anedot account in consultation with Cheryl.
  5. Upcoming League of Women Voter meeting. There will be several presentations. Neal will talk with Susan about that.

MOTIONS:: There was a motion to approve the TCT Meeting Facilitation and Interactions document that Bud prepared. This passed unanimously.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 4:47 PM

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent