TCT Minutes, June 2, 2014

PRESENT: Alan, Vince, Neal, Lisa, John.

June 2, 2014


  1. Patricia’s report
  2. Neal report on gathering
  3. Vince’s report on insurance and other issues
  4. Tents report.
  5. Alan & Business cards.
  6. Web report.

PATRICIA’S REPORT: Patricia was unable to attend. However, she reported she will close the TAPCO account. We discussed possibly opening an account at Sound Credit Union, where Occupy Tacoma has an account and does not have to pay any fees.

NEAL’S REPORT: Neal went to Community Coalition on Housing & Homelessness. They spent time discussing the systems already in place, future plans, as well as advocacy. Their ultimate conclusions: Present system is inadequate. Many strategies were put out for future housing. Will need to get people working together for getting plans for future system. As far as advocacy, that has to be left to experts.

Associated Ministries “Access Point 4 Housing” (AP4H) has criteria when considering someone for housing triage. If one has access to a couch to sleep on, they don’t qualify. This raises the question: How do we house people whose present accommodation is unstable? How do we accommodate people with companion animals. Less than a 5th of calls to Associated Ministries actually result in housing someone. They tend to refer calls out to whom they consider to be appropriate agencies.

John wondered if they have housing resources. Neal says they do. Vince says Associated Ministries has had a contract with Pierce County for the last 5 years to be the primary first contact for homeless people seeking accommodation.

We discussed abandoned buildings being turned into low-cost housing MDA. Also talked about domestic violence. Neal is waiting to see the seeds he sewed. Neal discussed UWT student contact who is interested in helping. She is a city intern. Colin referred her to Neal, and she interviewed Neal.

VINCE’S REPORT: He tried to contact Pastor Nina. It was felt that it would be good for Vince to get acquainted with her. Vince is going to ask Methodist Churches in the area who have hosted tent cities about how they handled insurance. Vince has contacted four of them already. In the Methodist churches, blanket insurance covers anything they do on their property that was part of their religious activities. He says coverage sounds like it will be fairly simple. He will find out which of our Methodist churches will be of assistance. John says churches interested in helping but without sufficient property resources to accommodate a tent city could partner up with other churches who have the space.

John asked how much the Tacoma use permit fee for a tent city was. We told him it was about $1500. John asked if these permits are issued to the hosting church or to TCT itself. If it is issued to the church, does that mean we need a new permit every 3 months when the tent city moves to a new location? Or is the permit issued to TCT on perhaps an annual basis? We were unclear on this.

Neal will set up an administrative check list. Vince suggested this when Neal mentioned needing to keep United Way 211 and Tansy at City of Tacoma informed when we move. Vince noted Neal has a lot of these items in his head, and so he would be a logical person to compile such a list.

ALAN’S REPORT: Alan discussed business cards and a leaflet. John said he would see if we could use his church for a physical address.


Thanks to Neal for proofreading these minutes and checking them for accuracy —Editor

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent