TCT Minutes, Dec 16, 2013

MINUTES: December 16, 2013

PRESENT: Lisa, Neal, Vince (Facilitator), Alan (Note taker), John, Patricia,


December 16, 2013

Update on meeting with Bethlehem, (Neal, Lisa, Patricia). Resolution coming out of that meeting. Patricia’s financial update. Proposal on delegation (Who our representative should be). Miscellaneous

BETHLEHEM MEETING: Our TCT representatives met with Pastor Nina and […]

TCT Minutes, Dec 2, 2013

PRESENT: John, Blaine, Lisa, Neal, Patricia, Vince (Facilitator), Alan (Note taker)


Dec 2, 2013

Bank account, Reports on visits to TC3 and TC4 Planning commission meeting Possible other sites. Possible outreach suggestions. Bethlehem Lutheran

FINANCIAL: Patricia announced we now have a credit union account and checks. She and Blaine opened an account […]

TCT Minutes, November 18, 2013

PRESENT: Vince, Brian, Lisa, Neal, Patricia, John, Colin, Alan, Ron Warren.

Nov 18, 2013


Discussion of proposed changes in Tacoma City code and potential host site. Web report Next meeting

Proposed City Code and Potential Host Sites: John and Colin from the City of Tacoma came to discuss the proposed code governing tent […]