TCT Minutes, Dec 16, 2013

MINUTES: December 16, 2013

PRESENT: Lisa, Neal, Vince (Facilitator), Alan (Note taker), John, Patricia,


December 16, 2013
  1. Update on meeting with Bethlehem, (Neal, Lisa, Patricia).
  2. Resolution coming out of that meeting.
  3. Patricia’s financial update.
  4. Proposal on delegation (Who our representative should be).
  5. Miscellaneous

BETHLEHEM MEETING: Our TCT representatives met with Pastor Nina and some other church people. The trustees had list of questions, especially regarding the finances and who the actual TCT organizers wanted to be official TCT spokespersons as we interface with others. In their minds, the trustees lacked a clear understanding about who speaks for what Vince calls “the development team.” By the term “development team,” Vince means those activists who have been meeting and working on TCT for about a year.

Patricia suggested we need to tighten up our structure and define ourselves more clearly. There was a good discussion about that. So far, our development team have been networking, organizing fund raising, meeting regularly, creating a Facebook page and a website. We’ve opened an account at a credit union, and we will appoint people to speak for us at our meetings. We have been working on a consensus model.

As of now, the Bethlehem trustees have not made a firm commitment but seem quite friendly to the idea, and their discernment process is moving forward. They also are networking with other faith communities on our behalf. Pastor Nina contacted 2 other pastors who indicated one level or another of support for our project.

RESOLUTION ON SPOKESPEOPLE: To help clarify the issue of who speaks for us, we discussed and then voted on the following: The so-called development team (those activists who regularly attend meetings) will appoint or delegate spokespeople to represent us as official TCT representatives. Anytime TCT’s interests need to be represented, this meeting will appoint one or more individuals to carry that out.

FINANCES: We now have a credit-union account. Patricia is in the process of setting up a PayPal account. She is also setting up a YouCaring account. Paypal charges a fee for accepting money. Patricia will write an appeal to post on our website, and Alan will help out on it.

We are looking for someone who is a 501(c) to accept tax-exempt donations for us, acting as a fiduciary agent. They would be an umbrella for us to raise funds so we do not have to become a 501(c) ourselves. This fiduciary agency would not depend on where our tent city is located at any particular time. John will ask if Bethlehem Lutheran will be willing to act as a fiduciary agent.

On other financial matters, Patricia looked into expenses of setting up electric pole. She went to TPU for fees. We will need to take out a permit, which will be $40. That’s for a 90-day permit. Hooking up power to a pole is $275.

DONATIONS: Lisa reported that her roommates received a donation of large water bottles packed with a supply of “survival items” from the Sumner REI, which closed. Lisa has been making cloth bags to carry the supplies when the water bottle is in use! She brought a sample and plans to make more bags for the rest of the bottles!

We will post a link to our YouCaring fundraising page on both the FB page and the TCT website. We will develop a “wish list” of items we’ll need for the tent city site as well as professional services needed.

MISC: Neal had conversation with Al Ratcliffe (psychiatrist who works with homeless). Neal will need to get in touch with Chris Morton (Associated Ministries). Chris had questions about liability. Harry said he has a list of 30 church sites that have enough room and qualify as potential sites.

NEXT MEETING: Dec 30, 2013

Thanks to Patricia for proofreading these minutes, checking them for accuracy, and making editorial suggestions —Editor

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent