TCT Minutes for Jan 12, 2016

Jan 12, 2016


Facilitator: Paul, Stacker: Vince, Note Taker, Alan.


Alan OS, Dani (TK), Matthias, Paul, Vince, Bill, Tom, Michele (Trina), Inez, Carl, Katherine.

INTRODUCTIONS: Attendees briefly introduced themselves.


  1. Shall we adopt the proposed agenda? Unanimously adopted
  2. Shall we approve the minutes of Jan-01-06? Unanimously approved as amended.


  1. Name for 501c(3)
    Some names submitted for 501c(3). We need to have a name for the 501c(3) for tax purposes and for opening a credit union account. Here are several names were suggested and discussed.

    1. Louise De Marillac
    2. City of Destiny Outreach… Acronym would be CDO.
    3. Hope Empowerment Action Recovery Team And Sustainability 4 Change. (HEART4Change)
    4. Dani and Matthias suggested Hopes Alive
    5. The Way To A Home.
  2. The name “Hope Empowerment Action Recovery Team and Sustainability 4 Change” (HEART4Change) was unanimously adopted.
  1. Other 501C(3) business
    1. Alan is the current treasurer. We needed to elect a co-treasurer. Two names were suggested last week: Felicia M and Vince H. Felicia was unable to attend the meeting but had expressed interest in the job. Vince agreed she would do an excellent job and moved we elect her as Co-treasurer. Vince’s motion passed unanimously.
    2. Alan is the secretary. We need a co-secretary. No one volunteered, and we did not elect a co-secretary yet.
  2. Tahoma Indian Center Meeting Report:
    Linda and Dani met with tribal representative named Steve. Any decisions he makes has to be cleared with CCS, as they pay his wages. Linda and Dani asked about a grant. Currently, this does not seem possible. They asked about using a piece of land for 90 days. Steve said that was out of the question, as the land we had looked at was on the way to a major waterway. Linda has some other contacts in the tribe that she can ask, and Dani is registered as a tribal member in another tribe. Christian has been involved with GoFundMe projects. Linda is seeing more information about setting up a GoFundMe. Alan will try to contact Felicia to see about setting up a credit union account. If Alan has trouble connecting with Felicia, Neal can serve as the other officer.
  3. Social Media:
    Katherine reserved a URL name for us through GoDaddy. Alan will consult with her about pointing the DNS servers to for now until he gets a new site up. Alan can host the site at no extra cost on the same server that he hosts on.
  4. Potential new camp site identification
    WDOT site we discussed at the last meeting, Dec 16, 2015, was already being actively used. We need to find a site that is not presently being used, and so we can’t use that site. A piece of land belonging to Mentor House may still be a possibility. Our real estate lady will need to talk to Charity to see if the site has any encumbrances that would prevent us from using it.
  5. Inventory of donations report
    At the moment, Linda is changing her place of residence, and neither Neal nor Linda are present at this meeting. Linda’s move will be finished shortly, and Linda will report on the inventory of donations after her move.
  6. Blessing bags
    Paul discussed “blessing bags.” These are sturdy zip bags filled with useful items to hand out to homeless. One very popular item is pairs of heavy-duty socks. Also possible are non-perishable and nutritious food items, ponchos, reflective blankets, big heavy-duty plastic trash bags that can be used either for storage, a DIY poncho, or even shelter against rain. We discussed these blessing bags and assembling a bunch of them for giving to the homeless.


    • Facilitator: Paul
    • Stacker: TBA
    • Note taker: Alan
    • Date: 01/19/2016
    • Time: 5 to 6:30 PM
    • Place: First United Methodist Church (FUMC) at 621 Tacoma Ave S, room 207. Enter at the Tower Entrance at the far left of the building.


Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent