TCT Minutes, Jan 5, 2015

Jan 5, 2015

Meeting Coordinators: Facilitator: Vince; Notes: Alan

Meeting Participants & Introductions: Vince H, Bill B (Greater Seattle Care), Patricia M, Gene (United Methodist, TC3 related), Sylvia Sass (Involved in Tacoma civic groups), Carol Maryano, Pastor; Chuck (Heller United, writer, Bethel United, has been homeless), Dennis Shaughnessy (The conversation). Neal Rogers, Peter Roderick (Catholic worker, Guadalupe House). Cody Sharlin, Dick Moran (FUMC Issaquah). Jan Bennet (involved in TC4), Leslie Ann Knight, (Pastor at Fircrest United Church, involved in TC4). Pastor John. (My apologies if I left out anyone. I did not have access to the entire signup sheet–AOS)

REPORTS: In addition to our regular 4 participants, many other people attended this meeting for the first time. They were visitors from institutions who had been involved in community affairs and various tent cities. The meeting was very informal, without a strict agenda.

Vince started the meeting by giving bit of a description of our history. This introduction covered the material in Patricia’s written history. Patricia discussed the long process we had gone through with the city authorities. She described our efforts to get the City Council to pass a code regulating tent cities.

We also talked about the necessity of securing funding once we set up. One church seems open to the idea of being a host, but they are hesitant to commit until we line up some other possible sites. Several attendees mentioned that some churches may not have space but can help with other resources. At the present time, high on our list of priorities is finding other potential sites.

Dick from FUMC said we have an advantage in that the city does not restrict how frequently we can set up a site within city limits.

We also discussed the very high fees the city charges for a permit. Several visitors from Seattle said that after a while, the city may lower the cost of obtaining a permit. Many churches lacking the facilities to provide a site may be able to help defray our costs and provide other resources. One Seattle pastor said he thought we didn’t really need to have 3 or4 sites lined up. If we have one or two successful tent cities, other churches may be more willing to provide a site. We will gain a bit of a reputation for stability and reliability. Bill talked about the advantage of having the kind of stability that SHARE/WHEEL has.

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent