TCT Minutes: May 5, 2014

PRESENT: Neal, Vince, Lisa, Alan, Patricia

May 5, 2014


Vince’s report on past hosts Patricia’s report on council coalition Neal on NetZero Note from Steve Dunkelberger

Report on Past Hosts: Vince contacted 3 pastors of churches which had hosted tent cities before. Vince distributed copies of reports from ministers. Some discussion on those. […]

TCT minutes April 21, 2014

Present: Neal, Vince, Lisa, Patricia

April 21, 2014

Report from Vince about FUMCOT: Vince reported about recent encounters with a homeless person that has been frequenting FUMCOT’s doorstep. The congregation was ultimately forced to declare the area off limits for the homeless because of this person’s belligerent behavior. They also had discussions about the […]