TCT Minutes for Aug 26, 2015

August 26, 2015

Attendance: Alan, Bud, Cheryl, April, Sunny, Sam

The note taker arrived a 20 minutes’ late owing to a problem with the bus schedules. These notes may be incomplete.


Contacts: Sunny suggested that we develop a list of allies. Alan suggested we could add allies to our Google database and create […]

An Organized Tent City—Why Not Tacoma?

On August 16, a group of advocates for the unhoused met with a representative from Senator Patty Murray’s office, Kierra Phifer. The advocates, members of the Tent City Tacoma development team and allies from Seattle SHARE/WHEEL came to discuss with Senator Murray’s office the question of homelessness in Tacoma and how an organized tent city […]

TCT Minutes for Aug 17, 2015

ATTENDANCE: Neal, Bud, Alan, Vince, Cheryl, Cindy

August 17, 2015

We discussed changing the meeting time to weekly, and we chose Wednesday, 4 to 5:30, beginning Aug 26, 2015. Provisionally, we will meet at the Rescue Mission, and we will try to hand out these leaflets. Neal will work on them, and Bud says […]

TCT Minutes for Aug 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

ATTENDANCE: Alan, Bud, Vince

BUSINESS: This morning, a group of our core developers, as well as people from Seattle SHARE/WHEEL, met with Kierra Phifer, assistant to Senator Patty Murray. TCT and SHARE/WHEEL activists raised many questions about why we have laws that make it illegal to help homeless. For example, Cheryl […]

TCT Minutes for July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Present: Neal, Bud, Cheryl, Alan, Sam R, Robert, Marvin, Ashley, Cindy.

Quijote Village Visit: Cheryl discussed the visit to Quijote Village (QV) that several members of our development team made. QV has good community relations, and we can learn from their experiences. They are willing to provide advice.

Seattle Visitors and […]